Theatrical Background

“Doc” Davis has over thirty years of stage experience, mostly in the area of improvisation and sketch comedy. His infrequent sojourns into the legitimate theatre include creating the role of the Critic in Deb Margolin’s Critical Mass, which premiered at P.S. 122.

Improvisational Comedy

He got his training at Improvisation, Inc. in San Francisco in the mid-1970s and was a member of the performing company for two years, doing audience-suggestion improv every Friday and Saturday night.

In 1976, he joined Spaghetti Jam, an improv troupe performing at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco’s North Beach, which brought together improv performers and stand-up comedians. The company was often joined by Robin Williams, who would soon make his mark in Hollywood.

Moving to Southern California in 1979, he worked with several sketch comedy troupes in the Los Angeles area, including the Los Angeles Journalism Revue, where he wrote sketches and performed comedy sketches.

Renaissance Faires

He was introduced to Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1975, performing with Improvisation, Inc. and continued to perform on his own hawking for various vendors and doing street interactions.

In 1977, he hooked up with the Fools Guild, doing pass-the-hat entertainment, and the following year took charge of the company. Relocating to Southern California in 1979, he continued to lead the Fools Guild, which performed regularly at the Southern California Renaissance Faire until 1986.

From 1981-1983, he ran the Fools Guild as a pass-the-hat act. The following year, he began to perform as “The Village Idiot,” providing a comic commentary on how to enjoy the Renaissance Faire.

The Fools Guild

Beginning as an improv comedy troupe performing audience-suggestion improv on the pass-the-hat stages at the Renaissance Faire, the Fools Guild evolved into a year round membership organization (or dis-organization) that celebrates the foolishness in all of us through parties, special events and shows


Annual crowning of the King of Fools at the So. Cal. Renaissance Faire. The crowning of the King of Fools and the Fools Parade has been an annual event for nearly 35 years.

Painter Alan Katz used members of the Fools Guild as models for his “Feast of Fools” painting. The original measures 6 feet high by 10 feet wide. “Doc” can be seen at the head of the table, nodding out. Posters of the painting are available.

Meet and Greet Entertainment

Drawing on interactive theatre skills he acquired from his years at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Dr. Davis has created a wide range of characters for corporate functions and fundraising special events.

Corporate clients include IBM, Nissan, Twentieth Century Fox and others. He has performed at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Staples Center, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disneyland and various hotels in Southern California.

Doc and Stumpy

Beginning in 2010, he began performing with a long-time friend from the Renaissance Faire, David Springhorn, as the comedy team of Doc and Stumpy.